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Cost-Effective Third-Party Claims Administration

Businesses that choose to self-insure do not have an experienced, dedicated, and licensed staff of claims professionals to handle the inevitable losses that arise. U.S. Administrator Claims, LLC manages, adjusts, and controls insurance claims filed against the workers’ compensation and commercial general liability policies of multiple carriers across the country. The difference between U.S. Administrator Claims and other third-party administrators is our approach to claims handling.

Everything we do on behalf of your business is customer-driven. From access to your claims data to personal assistance when needed, our work-product is always readily available to you.

Our vendor network is vetted to ensure that we work with reputable and proven service-providers. We understand and appreciate that money can be lost on a claim through many different causes. Our cost-effective approach ensures that you only pay the work required to bring the claim to a mutually beneficial resolution. We treat your money like it’s our own, with multi-level monitoring, constant supervision, and stringent control processes.

We accomplish our goal of cost-effective claims handling through the retention of an experienced and dedicated staff of claims professionals. Our claims team is comprised of individuals who have an average of 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, many with a JD, CPCU, AIC or other advanced degrees.

One size does not fit all. For those accounts identified as requiring a claims advocate, we will assign an account manage dedicated to your program. If your program requires a specific skillset or proper administration and management, rest assured, we have the claims professionals you need.

U.S. Administrator Claims, LLC stands apart from our competitors and looks forward to working with you to turn those inevitable losses into a profitable solution.